Saturday, November 9, 2013

Things You'd Never Know Were Made from Skateboard Decks

Quick Bit from Paula Felps

Old skateboards find new uses, such as tiles that created this backsplash, thanks to Art of Board. Their I Ride I Recycle program lets skateshops and riders give old boards a second life.

The skateboard culture has influenced fads and fashions from the time it first began. And now it has launched to a new approach to recycling.

Art of Board, which launched in 2004, is leading the recycling movement in the skateboard world. The company creates lifestyle products out of recycled skateboard decks, giving new life to old boards and keeping them out of landfills. The unique and often edgy products combine the love of the sport with top-notch design. Some of these include:

Wall tiles that can be found in skateshop walls and on stairs at skateboard parks
Floor mats
Belt buckles
iPhone cases
Door mats

I Ride I Recycle, the recycling movement founded by the company, allows skateboard shops, skate parks, board manufacturers and even individual riders to participate in saving boards by tossing worn skate decks into a recycling box. A typical skateshop collects about 50 broken skate decks a month, which, until the program was launched, usually landed in the trash.

Now, a recent partnership with Element — one of the leading brands in sustainability in the world of action sports — will allow Art of Board to provide 100 additional recycle bins for the recycling program. The bins will be placed at skate shops.

“We hope this prompts more skate companies to step up and get involved,” says Bruce Boul, vice president and cofounder of Art of Board. “I Ride I Recycle not only fuels our brand, but it also supports local shops, empowers the skateboard community and illustrates our dedication to being environmentally friendly.”

To date, the program has recycled more than 10,000 used or broken skateboard decks, which Boul says amounts to thousands of pounds of waste that have been kept out of landfills. The company has also launched recycling programs in Australia and New Zealand.

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