Thursday, January 16, 2014

Green Fashion Essentials For Men

We’ve made some fashion picks for the ladies before, but it can be equally tough for men to find dapper eco duds. Sure, you want your garments to be green, but a recycled hemp hoodie isn’t exactly ideal for the office or lunch with your father-in-law. Check out these seven essentials that are so well-cut and comfortable, you’d never know they were recycled. With 54 percent polyester made from shredded bottles for hidden eco flair.

An added green bonus – this suit is machine washable (seriously). Meaning you can ditch the dry cleaning trips and still keep your pants perfectly creased.

This is one of the many picks on our list that may be available at your local mall or shopping center. Whenever possible, pick one up on your next trip to the store rather than buying online to save on packaging waste.

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