Friday, February 14, 2014

A look at recycling paper


Paper is made of tiny fibers. Because these fibers eventually become weak, paper cannot be recycled forever. Most types of paper can be recycled, but some types—those with a glossy or waxy coating—are too expensive to recycle. When you recycle paper, you should try to separate newsprint, white paper and cardboard. Here’s a look at the recycling process for paper.

•You bring your paper to the recycling center.
•The paper is sorted and transported to a pulping facility.
•The paper is soaked and heated in huge vats, becoming pulp. Chemicals in the liquid separate the ink from the paper.
•The pulp is screened and cleaned to remove glue, other debris and any remaining ink.
•The pulp is refined and beaten to make it ready to become paper again.
•The pulp is fed into a machine that spits out the pulp onto a flat moving screen where it forms sheets.
•The sheets are rolled and dried and ready for their new life.

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