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10 Uses For Wilted Roses

10 Uses For Wilted Roses

from Mary Mazzoni 

June is National Rose Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to discover the loads of DIY projects for the rose beyond vases and potpourri.

1. Use them for gift wrap

The next time you’re wrapping a gift, skip the tissue paper, and use rose petals instead.

The pretty surprise adds a touch of elegance to your gifts – and a lovely scent, too. This method is perfect for wedding gifts, and it’s a great reuse option for rehearsal dinner centerpieces – if you’re willing to save gift wrapping for the last minute.

Collect the roses from each centerpiece (or any that are beginning to wilt in your garden or house if you’re doing this at home). Gently pull out the petals, and lay them out to dry if desired. You can use dried petals or fresh ones for this.

2. Make surprising candies

Candied rose petals, violets and other flowers have been considered delicacies by French confectioners for hundreds of years. They are eaten alone or used as edible decorations for cakes and parfaits.

Check out this recipe, courtesy of esteemed French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in Food & Wine magazine. Simply line a baking sheet with wax paper. Pour one-half cup of sugar into a bowl, and lightly whisk one large egg yolk in another (you can use an egg substitute to make these candies vegan-friendly). Brush both sides of each petal with the egg yolk and dip them in the sugar. Let them sit on the wax paper until they dry, and your candies are ready to enjoy!

Make sure to rinse your rose petals well, and it’s best to use roses from your garden for this. Roses or rose petals from a florist can often contain pesticides and other chemicals that can be difficult to wash off.

3. Freshen your drawers

Rose petals retain their sweet scent for weeks. So, they’re perfect for adding a little freshness to your drawers or linen closets. Take a sock without a mate and fill it with a handful of dried rose petals. Fold the sock over so the petals won’t fall out, and place your little homemade deodorizer anywhere in the house. These are great for the car, too.

4. Design homemade cards

Nothing says you care like a homemade card. And adorning cards with flower petals from your garden gives an added personal touch.

When your clipped roses start to wilt, pluck out the petals, and lay them down flat to dry. Experiment with varying stages of dryness. If the petals are too dry, they may start to break apart and won’t attach to your card very well. If the petals are still fairly fresh, they’ll add a subtly sweet fragrance to your card.

Attach the petals to cardstock or the recycled paper of your choice with non-toxic glue. This is also a great chance to use the stems and leaves from your rose clippings for creative designs.

5. Spice up your fruit salads

Rose petals add a sweet and floral flavor to fruit salads, and they’re sure to get people talking at any summer soiree.

Toss the petals in with your usual fruit salad recipe, or try a new layered creation. Line the bottom of a clear glass bowl with your favorite fruits, and place a layer of rose petals on top. Follow with a layer of granola and top with whipped cream or yogurt. Repeat twice more for a tri-layered treat, and use some rose petals for decoration on top.

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