Thursday, April 24, 2014

What “Going Green” Means in California

What “Going Green” Means in California

So after deciding that if I am going to write articles about things in our lives that have an environmental impact, I would be a level 7 Paladin hypocrite if I didn’t do something to pitch in myself. So next to my trashcan I put a smaller trash can for “recyclables”, and twice a week I drag it out to the city provided bin behind my house and dump it. I began to feel like I was doing my part. Until last night, that is …

I made my normal trip to the bin at the end of my driveway, when I lifted the recycling bin lid I was greeted by what I can only describe as the largest and angriest possum ever to scuttle the planet. A scream exited my body, that I can’t reproduce if I wanted to, that was somewhere in the pitch range between a 6 year-old girl and some species of tree-dwelling rainforest monkey. I’m pretty sure there was a couple of seconds that only the neighborhood dogs could hear. The bag of glass bottles and cans was wind milled and ejected into the alley as I ran back to the house at a speed that belied my age and size.

The next morning in the safety of the morning sun I found myself somewhat shamefully cleaning up my mess from my minor moment of possum weakness. As I collected the shards of bottles scattered across my driveway, I noticed something I never paid attention to. On the bottom of almost every bottle was raised lettering that said “CA CRV 5 cents”. It never occurred to me that the glass bottles that I was throwing away were worth anything, and apparently they are … In California.

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