Thursday, May 29, 2014

How “Green” is Your “Suite” Spot?

It’s that time of year again; time to sit through that never-ending conversation with my wife sifting through the travel websites trying to figure out where we are going to spend our precious time and money on this years vacation.
A vacation is supposed to help me get away from it all; a respite from the drudgery of the day-to-day minutia that eventually drives us all insane. So being the eco-friendly guy I am and wanting to make sure the only footprint I leave behind is in the sand, I went looking for the retreat that gives me what I want and won’t be damaged by what I leave behind.
My first dilemma: The accommodations. I said I was eco-friendly, but can I at least have some of the comforts of home? My wife, whose idea of roughing it is “no room service,” is fundamentally opposed to camping of any sort. In fact, the Best Western or the Howard Johnson don’t even make the “short” list of potential lodgings.

So the Google search begins…

And a plethora of “sustainable” vacations fill the browser. By the thousands, the results come back, yet, it appears “sustainable” is just a new buzzword for those resorts trying to peddle their wares to people who wish to feel better about themselves, and is not in anyway a real indication of what is actually offered or how sustainable it is. I want more than just the inability to alter the AC, or have a hot shower when I need it.
Seeing as I have this forum to; A) vent my frustration, and B) get some help from the millions of you out there who may know a little more about this than me, I am seeking your input and help.
But, be warned: I get one vacation a year, I spend it with my family and loathe it when it is wasted on something that’s not as it is advertised.  So, how can you help? Easy, simply send me a link to a site that really is as advertised. Again, be warned: If anyone sends a link trying to sell me on a resort no more sustainable than a gallon of crude oil, I’m going have some fun with it.
 This is what I’m looking for:
Green Vacation List
Now is that too much to ask for in a “green vacation”? I don’t think so. I can’t see why when we say green vacation we think cheap, rugged and not at all relaxing for anyone who has grown beyond a belief in the Easter bunny or the need to express their political and sociological feelings with tie-died shirts. I’m eco-friendly; I am not a poor hippy looking to show how tough I am by camping in the jungle with bears, bugs, and no pesticides or guns.
So if you provide this or know where I can find it, I will be very grateful for the tip, and so will my wife. So much so, we’ll even send you a postcard signed “Wish You Were Here”.

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