Monday, January 26, 2015

Junk Mail Opt Out

 Tired of Junk Mail?  Here are ways to stop receiving it.

Junk Mail Opt Out        

Let's Get Started Getting Rid of Junk MailPhoto of a stack of junk mail.

Unsolicited or unwanted mail, often called "junk mail"can be a nuisance for you, while also using up valuable natural resources and contributing to pollution and litter problems.  Although much of the junk mail is accepted in most local recycling programs, junk mail that is not recycled depletes precious landfill space.  Now you can take control of your mailbox and help to protect our environment.

How Did I Get on These Mailing Lists?

Every time you provide your name and address to receive a product or service, there's a good chance you are being added to one or more mailing lists.  When you buy a car, have a baby, make a purchase from a catalog, give money to a charity or fill out a product registration card, your name and address will likely be entered into a computer database and sold to bulk mailing companies.

How Do I Get Off These Lists?

On the left side of this page are links to information about how you can stop a significant amount of junk mail from being mailed to you.
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