Baa, Baa Dryer Sheet, Have You Any Wool? Laundry, Meet Wool Dryer Balls

Have you ever been one of the unlucky souls to show up at the grocery store or post office only to figure out you’re wearing an added accessory – a used dryer sheet?  Unsightly out of the dryer, traditional dryer sheets are also quite wasteful.  Here's how...
By design, traditional dryer sheets are single use, creating additional waste upon use as well as added expense to your monthly budget.  Traditional dryer sheets can also contain harmful chemicals including ingredients listed only as ‘fragrance’.  Is there an alternative?
Baa, baa dryer sheet, have you any wool?
Made of 100% wool and handmade in North Little Rock, Arkansas, wool dryer balls contain no toxic chemicals commonly found in traditional dryer sheets, yet accomplish the same end result – soft, static-free clothes.  Each Wool dryer ball measures between 2.5” and 3” in diameter – about the size of a tennis ball.
Wool dryer balls can be ordered in either quantities of 4 or 8 and either scented or unscented.  Available to purchase at YouChange now are ;
Because wool dryer balls cut down on drying time, they will also save you time, energy and money all while getting rid of static cling and wrinkles.  The wool literally pulls moisture out of your (drying) clothes.  Isn’t science cool?  Wool dryer balls should also last for thousands of loads (that’s a lot of socks!) of laundry creating a less wasteful clothes drying process.
Wholly wool Batman, this wool has multiple lives
Calling all cloth diaper warriors – wool dryer balls are a must for your laundry routine. Wool dryer balls can serve other purposes such as;
  • Makes wonderful cat and dog toys when they 'accidentally' make their way out of the dryer
  • Makes safe and fun kids toys for babies and toddlers learning colors and counting
The number of wool dryer balls you might need depends on factors such as size and makeup of your clothes load.  A small load of ‘delicates’ – try using 2, 3 or 4 wool dryer balls. Laundry piled a mountain high? Try using a half dozen or more dryer balls. Because they are non-toxic, there is really no limit to how many wool dryer balls one could use.  You’re dryer has always wanted to be a juggler so go ahead – make its day.