More Flowers In Less Space: Seedballz Plant Seeds Of Hope

While most of us consider ourselves to be green ambassadors let’s face it – not all of us are blessed with a ‘green thumb’ too. Planting flowers is a relatively easy activity, offers opportunities for exercise and can enhance emotional well-being. But, sometimes gardening just doesn’t go as planned. There is hope. Hope for the green thumb-challenged out there – Seedballz Seeds of Hope.
Gardening made easy, with a purpose
The folks at Seedballz have taken the concept of easy gardening to another level, and are ‘changing lives one seedball at a time’.  You may be asking yourself, just ‘what are seed ballz’?  Well, chances are they are just as you imagined.
Born out of the Native American tradition of rolling seeds into clay to reseed barren lands.  Inspired by this Native American tradition and soil scientist Masanobu Fukuoka, author of “The One -Straw Revolution”, Seedballz are an all-natural mixture of seeds, red clay, and soil humus.
Each ball is rolled in an all-natural, protective growing blend designed to nourish your flowers.  The clay protects the seeds from drying out and being taken by birds or insects.
Partnering with groups who provide work opportunities for adults with disabilities, SeedBallz are made by hand, right here in the USA.  To date, over 4 million Seedballz have been hand rolled.
What is especially unique about Seedballz is that they grow in clusters rather than single seeds. Each ball sprouts many seedlings forming a beautiful cluster of flowers.
Planting hope
Each Seedballz Seeds of Hope package contains 8 seedballz which flower into pink blossoms for in honor of breast cancer awareness. Seedballz Seeds of Hope consists of 15 varieties of Non-GMO pink wildflowers which create an easy, all-pink flower experience.
Seeds of Hope:
  • Callistephus chinensis
  • Pink Centaurea cyanus
  • Pink Cosmos
  • Sensation
  • Cynoglossum
  • Gypsophila elegans
  • Iberis umbellate
  • Lavatera trimestris
  • Mirabilis jalapa
  • Nigella Persian
  • Silene armeria
  • Zinnia elegan
  • Dahlia
Not only are the flowers beautiful, but also attract nature’s guests – bees and song birds (when planted outside, of course).  Looking to add potted flowers inside your home?  Seedballz makes that easy too.
One package of Seedballz Seeds of Hope (8 balls) will cover approximately 8-10 square feet (about 1 square foot per ball).  Seedballz are viable for a minimum of two years and unused balls should be stored in a cool, dry place.
Alas, hope springs sprouts eternal with Seedballz Seeds of Hope.