Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to Support the Green Movement Beyond the Three R’s

How to Support the Green Movement Beyond the Three R’s
The three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) are the starting block for those that want to go green and support the green movement. These three activities are, in themselves, very beneficial to a single person and grow exponentially as others join in the process but over time there is only so much you can do in terms of supporting the green movement when you’ve maximized your devotion to the three R’s.
The following three activities allow you to reach a higher level in your commitment to a greener Earth:

1. Investing in Green Companies
Not all companies are out to scourge the land and cause massive waste. There is a growing list of green companies that have made it their point to protect our precious Earth by being conscious of how they produce waste and have taken action to implement better strategies to reduce waste, reuse parts, and recycle left-overs.
Likewise, we have companies that have the sole dedication to being green from the very start. For example, Avacade Investments is a forestry investing company that provides a way to build an investment portfolio through planting highly sought after trees used in the production of furniture and other items while also protecting the land.
In terms of scale, supporting green businesses and even going as far as to investing in such companies can allow you to support the green initiative on a much larger scale.

2. Supporting a Local Movement
If businesses and companies aren’t your thing than you could always go to the grass root level through the support of local movements in your town, county, or state.
Consider attending a local meet up which gives you access to individuals and groups that are making a difference in your area. Take the time to understand their cause and what they do. Support them by donating to the cause whether it’s monetary to help with the purchase of tools and resources or consider donating your time a few times throughout the month.
Supporting a local movement doesn’t necessarily need to get you dirty, either. Being an online activist can be just as vital to the cause especially if you’re able to write about green events, share news, and help promote activities to your social connections.

3. Starting a Community Task Force
You may be doing your part to cut down on waste, reusing items, and recycling but are your neighbors?
You’ll find resistance from some members of your community but sometimes all a person needs is a little push. A community task force could be created to educate members about ways to green living and also create events to clean up the community through actions such as a day where everyone takes a walk and picks up trash along the road.
Not only will you help instill the idea of green living to those that may have been in the dark about all its various approaches but you can take this time to build solid relationships with your neighbors which will allow you many other green opportunities such as community sharing of items, carpooling, and so much more!
What methods would you suggest for supporting the green movement beyond the basic, three R’s?

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