Sunday, January 31, 2016

Plastic Bottles in Flint


Flint does have a recycling program, but not a lot of people use it

Donations of bottled water have been flooding into Flint.
Making sure people have safe drinking water is the top priority in Flint right now. But some people are wondering about one side effect of the water crisis: where all those empty bottles are ending up.

Khalid Iqbal helps run the Flint Muslim Food Pantry. He gives food and bottled water to anyone who needs it in Flint.
Last weekend, Iqbal went around door to door handing out water.
But he says he and many others were concerned about where the empty water bottles would end up. He says he asked residents what they planned to do with the empty bottles.
“And they have no clue, no answer,” he says. “And I’m afraid it’s going to end up in the dumpsters.”
Iqbal tapes signs on the cases of water he gives out. They say, “Please recycle empty plastic bottle. Do not throw in trash.”
He says his food pantry is taking empty bottles back to recycle if people bring them in.


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