Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trash into Treasure

She Was Ready To Throw Away Her TV Stand, But She Turned It Into THIS Instead...

Don't throw away that bookcase just yet. With a little creativity, even the ugliest old junk can fit your decor perfectly! These DIY furniture hacks show you how.
The line between trash and treasure is thinner than you think.Pix HD

The line between trash and treasure is thinner than you think.

When your home needs a makeover, forget the furniture store. What you need is probably in your house already!

Old shelves, torn-up coffee tables, and ugly dressers are easy to revamp. Here are a few ways to make your old stuff into stylish new furnishings. Your pieces will be completely unique, AND you can brag about making them yourself.
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The first step might be the most important: making a plan. You can't make something if you don't even know what you're looking for. Decide what furniture changes are top priority, then you can take stock of what you've already got laying around the house.

You'll have to take size, shape, and construction into account, but don't forget: as long as you have the tools, you can change anything you want.

A great project to start with is a child's play set. Kids don't care that much about little fiddly aesthetic concerns, so you can focus more on the making and less on the way it looks. Just make sure not to leave any sharp edges!
Dorothy Sue and Millie B
Smaller dressers or television stands are perfect for this. Most kids would love to have their own kitchen or tool bench, making it the perfect project with which to begin your DIY journey.

A play kitchen or tool bench doesn't have too many complicated parts, so you can get away with minimal modifications to the original piece of furniture. Once the changes are complete, you can add as many or as few accessories as you like!

The main point is to have fun creating something by hand that you can enjoy for a long time. Give it a shot!

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