Friday, February 26, 2016

Students promote environmental awareness

Unique assignment helps students promote environmental awareness

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Wilmington Academy of Arts and Science is partaking in a project to show students how to better handle their trash.

On Monday, teacher Lisa Giacomelli gave students a unique assignment.

She assigned each student a trash bag that they have to carry around with them for 24 hours. Instead of using a trashcan of any kind, the students will throw all of their discarded items into their personal trash bag.
 “They toss stuff in the garbage and they walk away, and they don’t think twice about who deals with it or where it goes,” said Giacomelli. “I thought what if we get rid of the garbage cans, and make them carry their garbage around for 24 hours.”
Many students say they are thrilled to be partaking in the project, and it has changed their perspective on throwing trash away.
"I noticed how much recycling I might be throwing away,” said Harrison Huffmon, a student at the Academy. "I am much more aware of how much trash I actually produce.”
“I’m actually going to try to recycle more, and build up more composts, so I don’t have to build up more landfills that are killing the ecosystem,” said Cole Donner, a student at the Academy,  “I want to do this because I want my grand kids to be able to live and have a good life.”
These children are already thinking ahead to their future while participating in this project, and the teachers at the Academy say this won’t be the last year they implement this project.
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