Sunday, February 14, 2016

Will you steel be my Valentine?

Love is in the air at ArcelorMittal

Valentine’s Day is Sunday and love is in the air. You never know where you’ll meet your match. On the train, at a restaurant, through a friend… or even at ArcelorMittal. 

They found love at a steel mill

Katie Martin-Dobrowolski and Patrick Dobrowolski met a little over three years ago while working together at an Ohio State tailgate to recruit engineering students for ArcelorMittal. At the time, Katie was working at I/N Kote, and Patrick was working at ArcelorMittal Cleveland. They got married this past June and now work together at the Cleveland plant. Katie dispositions the hot mill coils that feed the pickle line that Patrick manages. They made sure to incorporate ArcelorMittal on their big day, as you can see from their wedding picture complete with hardhats. Dobrowolski
Credit: Acquire Wedding Photography

Steel sweethearts

While Cathy and Bruce Collier didn’t meet on the job, they will have contributed 77 years of combined service to ArcelorMittal by the end of this year. Bruce and Cathy met when his family moved across the street when they were just kids. They were sweethearts all through middle and high school, married after graduation and are now in their 40th year of marriage. Bruce is an MTE at the hot strip mill at ArcelorMittal Cleveland, and Cathy works as an administrative assistant in the plant services, logistics and railroad department. Bruce wrote on the back of his senior picture that he wanted to grow old with Cathy, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.  According to the couple, “We really love our kids, and really, really love our grandkids.”

Happy Valentine's Day!

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