Tuesday, March 22, 2016

California on Track to Stop Landfilling Organic Materials

California on Track to Stop Landfilling Organic Materials
Matt Cotton, Principal, Integrated Waste Management Consulting
Nick Lapis, Legislative Coordinator, Californians Against Waste

Recently, California, our most populous state, has implemented a number of new policies that aim to significantly reduce the disposal of organic materials in landfills. Even after 20 years of aggressive recycling goals, CA still disposes of a significant volume of organic materials (see graphic). In 2011 a 75% recycling goal was set for 2020, in 2014 the legislature mandated businesses to recycle their organic materials and ceased to allow yard trimmings used as daily cover in landfills to be counted as “diversion credit”. In 2015, the legislature passed a bill requiring California local governments to develop plans for organics recycling, along with statewide funding for the construction of composting and digestion infrastructure. California’s Air Resources Board has even considered adopting a prohibition on the landfilling of organic materials. Find out more about how state agencies will work together to divert organics from landfills and meet the state’s ambitious climate goals.

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