Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Protect coastal water quality

NC Clean Marina and NC Clean Boater programs help protect coastal water quality
It’s boating season! If this beautiful spring weather has you enjoying the water in coastal N.C., you can help to protect water quality by visiting a marina participating in the N.C. Clean Marina Program – just look for the Clean Marina flag or find the list of Clean Marinas on our website.
Clean Marina is a voluntary program designed to show that marina operators can help safeguard the environment by using best management practices that go above and beyond regulatory requirements to help keep our waters clean. Marinas that meet Clean Marina standards are certified by the Division of Coastal Management and earn the right to fly the Clean Marina flag, signaling their commitment to protecting water quality. Learn more about how coastal marinas can apply to become a Clean Marina on our website.

Inland marinas can now apply for the program too! Our colleagues at the Wildlife Resources Commission recently began a Clean Marina certification program for inland marinas.
Boaters can also protect water quality by becoming a North Carolina Clean Boater. North Carolina Clean Boaters can take satisfaction in knowing that they are doing their part to keep North Carolina waterways and shorelines clean by using pumpout stations for onboard waste; adopting pollution prevention measures so litter, oil and fuel stay out of our waters; making sure their watercraft is properly registered and meets the state requirements for safety; and learning and teaching clean and safe boating habits.
To become a North Carolina Clean Boater, read A Boaters’ Guide to Protecting North Carolina’s Coastal Resources. Commit to clean boating by signing the pledge card located in the Clean Boater brochure. Mail your pledge card to the North Carolina Clean Boater Program office at 400 Commerce Ave. Morehead City, NC, 28557. We’ll send you a North Carolina Clean Boater decal to display on your vessel.

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