Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Using Lighter Materials for a Brighter Tomorrow

America’s beverage industry is always looking to innovate. We do it in a number of ways from the beverage choices we offer to the design of our packaging.
The can, bottle or package holding your favorite beverage has to be sturdy. It has to be reliable. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be made in an environmentally-conscious way.
We are producing 100 percent recyclable aluminum, plastic and glass beverage containers – even the plastic caps can be recycled. And using our creativity and desire to innovate for a better tomorrow, we have identified how to create lighter, more streamlined packaging that’s friendly to our planet.
Thanks to the new lightweight packaging we have saved hundreds of millions of pounds of raw materials industry-wide. Lighter, more streamlined packaging also cuts down on the fuel needed to transport our products.
Our packaging isn’t the only place we’re making strides to do business in a more sustainable way – check out InnovationNaturally.org to learn more.

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