Saturday, April 2, 2016

Whale Post Mortem

Germany: Post-mortem on 13 dead sperm whales finds their stomachs full of plastic
The heartbreaking effect of human waste was discovered when a post-mortem was... conducted on 13 beached sperm whales.
The plastic we discard into the ocean often makes its way into the mouths and stomachs of sea creatures.
* Learn more about the threats of marine plastic pollution in the EIA report #'Lost at Sea: The urgent need to tackle marine litter' at
A post-mortem of the creatures, found ashore near the town of Toenning in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, showed their stomachs were full of plastic.
This plastic included a 13-metre-long (43-foot-long) fisherman’s net and a 70-centimetre (28-inch) piece of plastic from a car.
... The sperm whales probably didn't die by being poisoned by plastic, however.
Scientists thought it was likely they perished from heart failure due to starvation.
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Image: German environment minister Robert Habeck and Gerd Meurs, director of the Multimar national park centre, hold up some of the waste found in the sperm whales’ bodies (c) Wadden Sea National Park

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