Friday, May 27, 2016

Steel Conduit and Sustainability

Steel Conduit and Sustainability

Steel conduit supports green building practices by helping reduce environmental impact throughout a building’s life cycle, and contributes to sustainability through waste reduction, resource conservation and reusability.

Steel Conduit: Recycled and Recyclable

sidebar-why-sustainability-3Steel is the world’s most recycled material, according to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI). For this reason, nearly all steel conduit contains recycled steel.
In fact, SRI reports that total recycled content of steel ranges from 32.7% to 93.3%.
According to SRI, steel conduit also has a high reclamation rate because of its:
  • Long service life — some steel rigid conduit has been in use for more than 60 years
  • Ability to accommodate new conductors and additional circuits over time
  • Total recyclability

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